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The NVS (nutritional value score) algorithm
for the nutritional classification of EVO oil

Origin and collaboration

  • The NVS algorithm is the result of collaboration between the   Dr. Filippo Conticelli and the University of Florence.

  • Developed with the NEUROFARBA and DAGRI departments.

Main goal

  • Create an objective and universal certification method for extra virgin olive oil (EVO), based on chemical parameters with recognized nutraceutical properties and ability to reduce sensitivity to oxidation during shelf-life.

Development and duration

  • After almost two years of research, the Nutritional Value Score (NVS) for EVOO has been achieved.

  • The NVS algorithm assigns a score from 0 to 100 to the nutritional and chemical profile of the analyzed EVOO.

  • It provides a scientific, transparent, fast and intuitive analysis of the product.

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Scientific recognitions

The NVS algorithm has recently obtained international scientific recognition with the publication of the article "Chemical Data and Relationship for a scoring Algorithm of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Nutritional Value" in the Molecules magazine on 21 January 2024, signed by Lorenzo Cecchi, Filippo Conticelli, Bruno Zanoni et al.

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