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We certify and communicate
the high nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil in a simple and transparent way.

Through the NVS algorithm, recognized by the scientific community, we evaluate the chemical-nutritional quality of EVO oil. With a digital, reliable and easily communicable process we increase the perceived value of extra virgin olive oil due to its high nutritional value.

Scientific recognitions

The NVS algorithm has recently obtained international scientific recognition with the publication of the article "Chemical Data and Relationship for a scoring Algorithm of Extra Virgin Olive Oils Nutritional Value" in the Molecules magazine on 21 January 2024, signed by Lorenzo Cecchi, Filippo Conticelli, Bruno Zanoni et al.

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What can you do with IQO for your EVOO?

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Analyze your EVOO

Obtain a complete chemical analysis of your batch of EVO oil, conducted by accredited laboratories and carried out using official methods.

The report you will obtain will be universally usable in the world of EVO oil.

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Give value to your EVOO

The high certified chemical and nutritional profile is an important value that comes directly from nature. With a digital, reliable and easily communicable process you can increase the perceived value of your EVO oil.

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Gain authority

Entrust the communication of the nutritional value of your EVO oil to an external certification brand. Increase the trust and authority conveyed by your excellent product .

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Take advantage of IQO channels

IQO is a certification brand that has among its objectives the valorisation of the chemical and nutritional profile of EVO oil on a global level. It helps certified companies emerge in the right channels to collect the message they carry forward.

The IQO certification process for EVO oil


Identify one or more

lots of bulk EVO oil

A batch of extra virgin olive oil candidate for IQO certification must come from a single container and must be homogeneous and the same in all its parts.

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Perform IQO chemical analyzes for EVO oil

The samples prepared by you will be collected by us from your company and will be subjected to specific and accredited analyzes in our laboratories.

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Enable IQO brand

your bulk EVO oil

A certificate of suitability for using the IQO brand will be issued to your bulk lot, valid for 4 or 8 months depending on the score assigned to it by the NVS algorithm.


Bottle your EVOO with IQO digital stamps

During the period of validity of the certificate of the bulk EVO oil batch, you will be able to bottle with the IQO brand, receiving the necessary IQO stickers directly from the company.

How is an extra virgin olive oil certified
with IQO?

A specifically programmed IT tool is used, the IQO Portal . The certification process is completely digital and takes place completely remotely , without ever leaving the company headquarters. Creating your own company profile is free and fast, it allows you to access many exclusive tools.

Free tools included in the IQO Portal profile:

  • evaluate for free the suitability of your EVO oil for IQO certification;

  • order new analyzes for your batches of extra virgin olive oil;

  • open bottling sessions for your certified EVO oil by ordering the relevant IQO stickers;

  • personalize your profile with information from the manufacturing company, in two languages;

  • access the IQO media kit and tutorial section.

Our partners

Leading companies in their sector, IQO partners to offer the highest levels of service quality to producers and consumers


IQO's mission


Every consumer must be enabled , in a simple and quick way, to know the nutritional nature of an extra virgin olive oil, in order to make conscious , excellent choices on a daily basis .

Filippo Conticelli

Founder and CEO of IQO

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Do you want to know how to enhance your company's EVO oil production with IQO? Download our infographic and sign up for free

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