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01 Sign up to the IQO Portal

Registering on the IQO Portal is the first step in the certification process. You will get your USERNAME and PASSWORD to use to operate online. All certification operations are carried out by accessing your company profile on the IQO Portal .   Creating your own profile is totally free and allows you to evaluate the predisposition of your extra virgin olive oil for IQO certification


02 Is your EVOO IQO ready?

Using the "Index" tool, in the tools column of the IQO Portal, you can calculate for free the readiness of your EVO oil for IQO certification before requesting the official IQO analyses.

After logging in, click on INDEX and fill in the fields of the form that appears. The system only asks for some mandatory ones, the others will be simulated. Enter whole numbers without commas , then click on CALCULATE . If the average score is at least 75 out of 100 , the EVO oil shows a good predisposition for IQO certification .


03 Analyze your extra virgin olive oil

Using the "Batch Analysis" tool, in the tools column of the IQO Portal, you can request IQO chemical analyzes for one or more of your EVO oil batches .

After logging in, click on BATCH ANALYSIS and then click on REQUEST NEW ANALYSIS . Subsequently, the portal will ask you to indicate the olive oil vintage of the candidate batch, the liters that compose it ( the batch must be made up of EVO oil stored in a single container ) and finally it will ask you to confirm the address of the cellar where to collect the samples.

Finally, CONTINUE WITH PAYMENT . Collection is always at home and included in the price . The signed analytical report is accredited and will remain your property and can be used universally.


Prepare 1 sample of at least 500 ml and 4 samples of at least 250 ml , label them all with the barcode that the IQO Portal will provide you and we will come to the company to collect them in a short time!


04 Choose your subscription plan

After obtaining IQO certification for one or more of your bulk EVO oil lots, you can proceed to choose the subscription size that best suits your business needs .

Each plan is characterized by containing all the services described included in the price , with no additional costs and no worries.

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05   Label and sell IQO certified EVO oil

05.a    Open a new bottling session and order the necessary IQO labels

Using the "Bottling" tool, in the tools column of the IQO Portal, you will be able to bottle EVO oil coming from one or more of your batches authorized for the IQO brand .

After logging in, click on BOTTLING and then click on NEW BOTTLING . Subsequently, the portal will ask you to indicate the batch number from which you intend to draw the IQO authorized EVO oil to be bottled and the number of bottles/packages you intend to use with the relative capacity . After entering the required information, click CONTINUE .

IQO will print and ship the labels necessary for that specific bottling session. You will receive them at home within 24/48 hours . The service is included in the subscription.

You can repeat this process as often as you like, within the limits of the certified liters, IQO labels and bottling sessions included in your subscription plan.


05.b Proceed with bottling and labelling of the IQO brand

Once you have received your IQO labels, proceed to bottling and applying the IQO branded adhesive labels .

The number of bottles/packs and the capacity of the containers must correspond in all respects to those described on the IQO portal at the time of the opening of the bottling session .

Subsequently, log in again to your company profile on the IQO Portal, click on BOTTLING and identify the bottling session in question in the table that will be proposed to you.

Then click on the CONFIRMATION ICON to open the page with the details on the session to be concluded .

Check that all the information is correct and click

on COMPLETE BOTTLING . The portal will ask you if there were any broken bottles/containers or if it was not possible for any reason to use one or more of the adhesive labels received. In this case you will have to photograph the damaged and/or unused labels.

At this point, the IQO Portal will notify you in your dashboard and via email if the bottled batch has been extracted for an IQO homogeneity check . If not, the process is over, congratulations! In case it is drawn, there is one last step missing:


05.c Random extraction of the IQO homogeneity control

Each IQO sticker has an IQO identification number that tracks the individual package. This guarantees the consumer knows the entire history of the bottle .

If your bottling session is drawn by our random system for an IQO homogeneity check , all you have to do is prepare a package with the bottle corresponding to the number extracted from the IQO Portal (represented by the number in the green circle in the corresponding image) . Once the package has been prepared with the bottle extracted and labeled as per the instructions , log in to the IQO Portal and indicate that the bottle is ready to be collected , we will come to collect it from your company. All costs, both logistics and analysis, are included in the subscription .

The lot drawn will however be marketable immediately. Once the IQO homogeneity analyzes have been completed, you will be notified of the outcome both via email and via the IQO Portal .

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Do you want to know how to enhance your company's EVO oil production with IQO? Download our infographic and sign up for free

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